2G Pet Food - Diet Complete Herbs 2kg

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2G Pet Food - Diet Complete Herbs 2kg


2G Pet Food - Diet Complete Herbs 2kg

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Diet Complete Herbs, croquettes of fresh meat of chicken and salmon with the addition of crispy flakes of vegetables, legumes and steamed cereals and the natural well-being of rosemary and parsley. Each aromatic herb gives a specific benefit: rosemary promotes digestion and is a natural tonic while parsley gives a pleasant breath, relieves stomach pains and is rich in potassium. A complete food that combines the natural nutritional intake of legume and vegetable flakes, the proteins of fresh chicken meat, fine salmon fillets, and the benefits of rosemary and parsley. The flakes of which it is composed are an excellent complement to give top quality fibers daily. The food is made complete with grain-free chicken and salmon nuggets. Chopped rosemary and parsley is the natural supplement to the daily health of the dog. Precious ingredients that nature and traditions of the past offer us to enrich our 4-legged friends with well-being and vitality.



For light digestion.
For regaining a healthy weight.
To integrate potassium, calcium and iron into the dog's diet.



To be used dry or by placing a first layer of hot water in the bowl (about 1-2 cm, water not too hot) and then pouring the food mixture into Diet Complete Herbs kibble and flaked cereals. Wait a few minutes, stirring occasionally until it becomes a soft "soup".