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COMS by Mdm Ena Oh

Mdm Ena Oh started feeding stray cats in Marsiling Sapphire in 2003, from a handful of cats to the present 60 to 70 cats including old and sickly cats which are given palliative care at home. Abandonment was rampant and she had to rescue and re-home abandoned kittens, as well as take in cats badly taken care of by some individuals. It was with mixed feelings that she learnt that the family who refused to sterilise their cats moved out about 5 years ago.


Mdm Ena Oh sterilised her first cat in 2007 and went on to pay for the sterilisation of all her community cats with her own savings until about 5 years back when she had exhausted all her savings. Fortunately by then, she had found out about the free sterilisation program by Cat Welfare Society.


All of her cats' medical expenses were paid out of her own pocket until about 3 years ago when she started appealing for help on Facebook. Even so, appeals were not always successful and in 2 out of every 3 medical cases, the funds come out of her own pay.

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