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Araton - Adult Chicken & Turkey 15kg

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Healthy Heart & Eyes
Taurine and vitamin A strengthen blood circulation; positively affect the work of heart and sight.
Good Digestibility
Beet pulp stimulates the operation of bacteria of the digestive tract and ensures digestibility.
Skin & Coat
Balanced Fatty Acids, Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B6. Balanced mixture of fatty acids, biotin, zinc and vitamin B6 helps to maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.
Amount of nutritive substances for 1 kg of food and benefit to the organism:
Proteins 28% sustains and strenghtens the organism;
Fat 9% provides with energy;
Ash 7% for bones, muscle, teeth;
Fiber 3% improves digestion;
Calcium 0,8% for bones, teeth;
Phosphorus 0,7% for bones;
Vitamin A 3500 IU for sight, skin, growth;
Vitamin D3 250 IU for bones, teeth, growth;
Vitamin E 30 mg slows down the ageing of cells.
Complete and balanced dry food with chicken and turkey for adult cats.
corn, meat and products of animal origin, vegetable protein extract, sugar-beet pulp,  vegetables, fat and oils, minerals, vitamins.
Energy value:
328,5 kcal/100 g.
Feeding guide: 
Cats weight (kg) Daily intake (g)
2 - 3 50 - 75
3 - 5 75 - 120
5 - 7 120 - 170