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Farmina - N&D Ocean Feline Adult - Codfish, Spelt, Oats & Orange 300g

  • 94% protein of animal origin
  • 0% artificial preservatives
  • 0% corn
  • Single Animal Protein
  • Ancestral Grains
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Cruelty Free Research
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Farmina - N&D Ocean Feline Adult - Codfish, Spelt, Oats & Orange

Codfish, spelt, oats and orange recipe.Complete food for adult cats.


Cod (27%), dehydrated cod proteins (26%), fish oil (from herring), spelled (10%), oats (10%), dried beet pulp, pea vegetable fiber, dried carrots, flour 'dehydrated medical grass, inulin, fruttoligosaccharides, yeast extract (source of mannanoligosaccharides), dried sweet orange (0.5%), dried apple, dried pomegranate, dried spinach, psyllium (0.3%), dried blueberries, sodium chloride, yeasts of dried beer, turmeric root (0.2%), glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate.


Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 18000UI; Vitamin D3 1200UI; Vitamin E 600mg; Vitamin C 300mg; Niacin 150mg; pantothenic acid 50mg; Vitamin B2 20mg; Vitamin B6 8.1mg; Vitamin B1 10mg; Vitamin H 1.5mg; 1.5mg folic acid; Vitamin B12 0.1mg; choline chloride 2500mg; Beta-carotene 1.5mg; Zinc chelate of the methionine hydroxylated analogue 910mg; Manganese chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 380mg; Iron chelate of glycine hydrate 250mg; Copper chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 88mg; DL-methionine 5000mg; 4000mg taurine; L-Carnitine 300mg. Organoleptic additives: aloe vera extract 1000mg; 100mg green tea extract; rosemary extract. Antioxidants: extracts of natural origin rich in tocopherols.


Crude protein 36.00%; crude oils and fats 20.00%; crude fiber 1.90%; humidity 8.00%; raw ashes 8.00%; Football 1.20%; Phosphorus 1.15%; 0.09% magnesium; Omega-6 1.80%; Omega-3 2.50%; DHA 1.10%; EPA 0.80%; Glucosamine 1200mg / kg; Chondroitin sulfate 900mg / kg.


EM Kcal/lb 4168 - Mj/lb 17.44 411 Kcal/cup

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