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Aristo-Cats - RB092 Natural Pine 10kg


Aristocat Activated Carbon Natural Pine Cat Litter is a natural high quality standard product. It is manufactured using 100% high quality Russian pine wood shavings with no chemicals added in any of the manufacturing processes.

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  • Hygienic: dust-free and will not stick on hair or skin, preventing any respiratory tract complications.
  • Environmental friendly: biodegradable and can be used as garden fertiliser.
  • Natural strong odour removal: automatically releases refreshing light natural pine scent when in contact with liquid waste.
  • Instant absorption rate and superb absorption capacity: can absorb up to 3 times the weight of each pine pellet.
  • Dust free: each pellet is highly compressed and will not break easily.
  • Economical in use: high absorption capacity makes usage low as cat litter tray needs to be filled to a height of 5 cm only.
  • Easy to use: cat litter tray need not be washed daily as only solid waste needs to be scoop out.

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