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Meow Meow Multi-Plus Bentonite Cat Litter - Apple 10L

  • Low dust - < 1%
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • Superior odour control
  • Super strong clumping
  • 300% fast absorption rate
  • Lasts 8x longer than regular cat litter
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Meow Meow Multi-Plus Bentonite Cat Litter - Apple 10L

Meow Meow™ Multi-Plus bentonite cat litter has 4 times stronger clumping power over regular sand litter. Your cat can pee on the same spot more than 8 times and the litter will continue to absorb with no leakage! Its unique formulated non-tracking granule is combined with bentonite which prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box. The litter goes through a 4-times dust purification process to reduce the dust (contains less than 1% dust!). Meow Meow™ Multi-Plus cat litter has superior odour control, as its naturally absorbent structure locks nasty odours inside the litter.


First time users note: Cats are very fastidious in their routine habits, they need time adjusting to any new cat litter. Blend half of your existing cat litter with our Meow Meow™ Multi-Plus cat litter. Keep increasing the amount of Meow Meow™ Multi-Plus cat litter gradually until your cat is completely used to it. 1. Pour Meow Meow™ Multi-Plus cat litter into the litter box. 2. Cat pees and poops in the litter. 3. Litter can be used multiple times before cleaning is required. 4. Scoop out clumped granules with cat litter scoop.

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