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Nova Cough & Cold Remedy for Dogs and Cats 90ml

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Cough is a reflex action to remove irritants from the respiratory system. Many times cough is associated with a cold, a viral infection or allergy. A sudden change in air temperature, a stuffy and congested environment or dust can also bring on these symptoms. NOVA COUGH & COLD contains natural active constituents that are specially formulated for quick relief of all these respiratory discomfort. Helps your pet to breath easily.


Echinacea extracts, Eucalyptus, Pine, Menthol and Honey.


Puppies, kitten 3 months & above: 2.5ml 2 times daily. Cats, medium dogs: 5ml 2 times daily. Large dogs: 10ml 2 times daily. May continue treatment as needed up to 3 weeks or as required.