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Nova Neem 110ml


Relieves bad skin condition & disease, mites & fleas, fungus & ECTO-PARASITES*

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Nova Neem is for use with shampoo during bath.

Excellent natural repellant against ticks & fleas. Also a natural anti-fungal treatment.

For relief of skin conditions & diseases, mites, fleas and ecto-parasites*.

Direction of Usage:

A) Directly apply to affected area. Just drop few droplets of oil on the skin and give the cat a good massage to make sure the neem oil goes deep into the skin and works to kill the parasite. 

B) Can be used together with any of the cat shampoo during bath. Place half to one capful of the oil inside the bathing water & bathe cats as usual. Can help wards off mites & ectoparasites*. 

*ectoparasites simply means parasites living in the outer layer part of the epidermis. Parasites like this cause fungus basically.