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Green Empire Goat Milk Powder for Kitten and Cat 250g

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A man's best friend definitely deserves the best. Reward your loyal feline friend with Natural One Goat Milk for Kitten & Cat. This product is 100% natural and healthy. Formulated and made of goat milk powder, this pet supplement will keep your precious fur babies in the pink of health. Furthermore, this product does not contain colouring, preservatives and is also lactose-free. No more sand boxes full of messy droppings! Product Specification:

·         100% Natural & Healthy

·         Made from fresh goat milk

·         No added preservatives & colouring

·         Lactose free

·         Ingredients: Goat milk, non dairy creamer, calcium, sweta


·         Does not contain lactose that will cause diarrhea after drinking

·         Rich with Vitamin B Complex, minerals & natural calcium

·         Helps improve pet's immunity, muscle & bright shiny hair

Usage Instructions: 150ml warm water with 35g (approx. 2.5 tbsp) goat milk power