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Ciao - Cat 15g x 4pcs - SC82 Stick Tuna (Katsuo) in Jelly


Ciao Churu are Japan's No.1 best-selling tasty jelly paste snack.

  • Comes in individually packaged 15g x 4 sachets for convenience
  • Convenient storage and easy feeding: simply tear and pour
  • All natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals, preservatives or artificial colourings
  • Tasty maguro tuna in a refreshing jelly paste
  • Source of hydration to replenish fluid loss in cat's body
  • Contains proteins to maintain ideal muscle mass
  • Contains Vitamin E to boost and support immune system to reduce allergies and arthritis 
  • Contains Green Tea extract with natural antioxidant properties to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and provide oral support for healthier teeth and gums
  • Can be used as a topper to entice fussy cats to eat their meals
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Tuna extract, protein hydrolyzate, sugar (oligosaccharide etc.), vegetable fats and oils, minerals, thickening agent (processed starch), chitosan, thickening polysaccharide, vitamins, seasoning (amino acid etc.), crimson Koji pigment, green tea extract, taurine


  • Protein not lesser than 7% 
  • Fat not lesser than 0.2%
  • Crude Fibre not more than 0.1%
  • Moisture not more than 91%


Suitable For
Cats of all life stages.

Feeding Instructions
Feed in moderation according to instructions on the packaging. Please note that cat treats should not replace daily meals.

Country Of Origin
Made in Thailand.

Product Weight
60g (15g x 4).

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