What NOT to do when your cat meows too much (Part 2)

Don’t punish a cat for meowing. Hitting, shouting, and spraying cats with water rarely work to quiet a meowing cat in the long run (not to mention that’s abusive behaviour already), but all those actions will make kitty distrust or even dislike you. Instead, find out first what is making them meow so much amd […]

What not to do when your cat meows too much

A noisy, constantly meowing cat is annoying but don’t ignore it without making sure there’s no problem. Sometimes cats just meow for good reason — they can’t reach their litter box, they’re trapped in a room or their high perch or their water bowl is empty. Check first to see if it’s something you can […]

Why Do Cats ALWAYS Land on their feet?

Nope, cats are not magicians. Researchers discovered that cats have this innate ability to maneuver their bodies in a way that they always land on their feet. This is called the righting reflex. The cat’s backbones are highly flexible, enabling them to quickly rotate their upper bodies so that they are facing downward when about […]