In-Store Membership

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In-Store Membership

At Superpets, we have two types of in-store membership:

  • Platinum Membership (SPM);
  • Diamond Membership (SDM) - Higher Tier;

In-store membership comes with a physical Superpets Membership Card that functions like a debit card at any Superpets stores. With the membership card, it allows you to enjoy member perks when you shop at our physical outlets!

membership card

Platinum Membership


Our Platinum members enjoy a range of *exclusive member benefits that include the following:

  • *Instant 2% cash rebates with no minimum spending;
  • *Enjoy 5% MORE savings with every top-up of membership card (Get $2.50 for every minimum top-up of $50);
  • *Accumulate points for every purchase and redeem at next purchase;
  • *Enjoy monthly Members-Only promotions/flash deals;
  • *FREE repacking services (for more than 5kg of dry food);
  • *FREE delivery services (with every minimum purchase of $120/-);
  • *Enjoy carton prices for members-only;
  • *Redeem house brand Cat Litters for every 5 packets used;

For the above perks, Platinum Membership costs $36/-, a one-time payment valid for one year.


  • Redemption of house brand litters is from Kind Pet and Meow Meow and it is only applicable to bentonite/sand types. Simply collect the product barcodes and present them to our staff together with your membership card for redemption. If there's a combination of 2 types of cat litter brands in the 5 barcodes collected, you will be given the one with the lower value.

Diamond Membership


Our Diamond members enjoy all the above *benefits that the Platinum members enjoy as well as including:

  • *Enjoy exclusive *Diamond-Members-Only promotions! With Diamond membership, you can look forward to saving even MORE!
  • *Enjoy 7% MORE savings with every top-up of membership card (Get $3.50 for every minimum top-up of $50);

Our Diamond Membership costs $50/-, a one-time payment valid for one year.

This is awesome! How to sign up for Superpets In-Store (Platinum/Diamond) Membership?

You can easily sign up for our In-Store (Platinum/Diamond) membership at any of our 16 retail outlets! They are located conveniently across the island so you can easily drop by to sign up for it (click for store locations). Our retail staff will be able to assist you with your member application. The account will be created on the spot so you can enjoy the membership discount on the very same day! Do note that as there are monetary values tied to the account, we will require your NRIC during the sign-up process. If at any time you have further questions on your membership, you can contact us (via email/call us) to check and we will be glad to assist you. 

Can I upgrade from Platinum Membership to Diamond Membership?

Yes, if your Platinum Membership is more than 8 months old (inclusive) you can easily upgrade from SPM to SDM for a fee of $14 only. Do note to upgrade your membership before your membership expires. For e.g., if your card expires on 10th September 2021, you can choose to upgrade to Diamond Membership before/on 10th September 2021. But from 11th September 2021 onwards, your card is considered expired and this option for an upgrade will not be available. Instead, you will need to reapply for Diamond Membership at the original price of $50/year.

*Note: T&Cs apply. No return no exchange. Promotions are while stocks last. Thank you. 

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