PAWLISH Pet Grooming by Superpets

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PAWLISH Pet Grooming by Superpets

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PAWLISH Pet Grooming

[ ✦ By Appointment Only | Last Appointment At 6PM ✦ ]

Address: Blk 642, Senja Close, #01-17, Singapore 670642

Business Hours: Daily, 11am - 8pm (Closed Every Wednesday)

Appointment Booking: 88361139 (WhatsApp)







About Us
Welcome to PAWLISH Pet Grooming, where your pet is purr-fectly groomed like royalty. We take extra care to make sure that your pets are comfortable and relaxed when visiting. We are a part of Superpets, your go-to-destination for an extensive range of pet supplies at affordable prices. 


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Imagine this: one day, while walking down the street, you see a pet that looks like it had just stepped out of a magazine. Its fur is perfectly groomed, its nails trimmed, and its eyes sparkling. You can't help but stop and stare.


That is the kind of transformation that PAWLISH Pet Grooming offers. We are not just your average pet groomer – we are experts in this field with the belief that every pet deserves a professional grooming experience, hence our offering of premium quality grooming services.


The best part? You may spectate the entire grooming process from our private viewing area. That way you can see just how much we royally pamper your pet.


How we came up with the name PAWLISH:
The name PAWLISH came to us in a flash of inspiration. We wanted a name that was both catchy and meaningful, and we believe the combination of the words "polish" and "paws" will be the perfect fit.


“To polish" means to clean and groom something, and we wanted our pet grooming services to reflect that. The word "polish" also sounded luxurious and refined, which is the type of grooming experience we want to create for our customers.


"Paws" represents pets and our target market while simultaneously reflecting back and paying homage to our parent company, Superpets.

So, if you are looking for a pet groomer who will pamper your pet like royalty, then book an appointment with us at PAWLISH Pet Grooming now!



Previous works by our professional pet groomer:

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