OPSP - 111 - Bird Toy 12x12x52cm

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OPSP - 111 - Bird Toy 12x12x52cm


OPSP - 111 - Bird Toy 12x12x52cm

SKU : 6930095894922

Take Playtime to New Heights! Bring Home the Wooden Bird Climbing Toy with Colorful Balls – Where Adventure and Nature Converge!

  • Natural and Stimulating:* The wooden design brings the outdoors in, creating a natural and visually stimulating play environment.

  • Colorful Ball Excitement:* The vibrant balls add an extra layer of interactive fun, turning playtime into a visually captivating experience.

  • Interactive Climbing:* Encourage physical exercise and mental stimulation with varying heights and textures for your bird to explore.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic:* Crafted with bird-friendly materials, this climbing toy ensures a secure and worry-free playtime for your feathered companion.

  • $39.90
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  1. Natural Wood Design: Immerse your bird in the beauty of nature with our Wooden Bird Climbing Toy. Crafted from bird-safe wood, this climbing structure brings the outdoors inside, providing a natural and stimulating environment.

  2. Colorful Ball Delight: Adorned with vibrant, eye-catching balls, this climbing toy adds an extra layer of excitement. Watch as your feathered friend explores and interacts with the colorful orbs, turning playtime into a captivating adventure.

  3. Interactive Climbing: Encourage your bird's natural instincts with a climbing toy that provides both physical exercise and mental stimulation. The varying heights and textures offer a dynamic climbing experience.

  4. Safe and Sturdy: Crafted with bird-friendly materials, including sturdy wood and non-toxic colors, this climbing toy ensures a secure and durable addition to your bird's habitat.

  5. Easy to Install: Equipped with a secure attachment mechanism, hanging this climbing toy is a breeze. Transform your bird's space into a lively playground in minutes.

  6. Versatile Play: Whether your bird enjoys climbing, pecking, or simply perching among the colorful balls, this toy caters to various play preferences.