Daikin - MC80ZVM7 Twin Streamer Air Purifier

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Daikin - MC80ZVM7 Twin Streamer Air Purifier

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Daikin - MC80ZVM7 Twin Streamer Air Purifier


Key Feature
• Twin Streamer Technology (CADR 480m³)
• High Grade TAFU Electrostatic HEPA Filter (10
• Deodorizing Filter (Lifetime)
• Pet Mode(Capture Pet Fur)
• Smart Control (Single App with Daikin AC)
• Low Operation/Maintenance

Special Pet Filter
-Remove Pet Odor

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• Pet Mode* function creates a gentle air by switching between Standard and Low fan modes to create a gentle turbulence, so that pet hair and
dander can be drawn in and caught before it lands on the floor.
• Daikin Twin Streamer Technology and Plasma Ion is twice as efficient and fast in decomposing harmful substances with strong decomposing
power such as viruses (SARS-CoV-2, Coronaviruses, Coxsackievirus (Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease), Influenza virus), bacteria, allergen (pollen and ++

molds), hazardous chemical substances and odours.
• Low Maintenance (Double Filter Protection)

  •  TAFU-HEPA Filter (Replacement only required after 10 years)
  1.  Highest grade Electrostatic HEPA filter able to trap 99.97% of bacteria/ virus in the air.
  2.  No need to worry about HEPA filter replacement problem.
  •  Carbon-activated Deodorizing Filter (No replacement required for lifetime: Effectively remove odors from room
  •  Special Pet Filter* for Pet Lover (Optional) (Average 3 months require to replace): Effectively remove pet odors and fur from room.

• Daikin EYE air quality visualization is an indicator that changes colour based on the air quality in your home, providing real-time monitoring. It’s
intuitive three-ring colour system and numerical displayed – PM2.5 concentration, indoor temperature and indoor humidity.
• Smart control, stay connected to your air purifier anywhere, anytime with the Daikin Mobile Controller app. The app allows you to monitor air quality,
adjust settings, and more, all at your fingertips.

  •  Plus, this app allows centralize control to your Daikin Airconditioning and Air Purifier at one go from outside.

• 3-directional powerful suction takes in dust over a wide area to maximum air purification.
• Ideal tower design as it takes in large amounts of air because the air inlet is located apart from the air outlet and the airflow from the outlet is soft.
• Quiet sound operation as the fan is positioned below the filters.
• Low Operational Cost

  •  Estimated $3.50 electricity cost monthly (Based on standard electrical tariffs)
  •  Recommended to turn on 24/7 in Auto Mode

• Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 480