Nine possible reasons why cats have 9 lives

It’s almost Halloween. Are you wondering how many lives your cat has had? Here are nine possible reasons why cats are said to have 9 lives.

  1. Cats have supernatural powers, including having multiple lives
  2. It’s lucky to have a pet cat, and the number “9” is lucky too; so they must have at least 9 lives, right?
  3. Cats are good creatures, good karma rewards them with 9 lives.
  4. They have kitty-angels to get out of them out of dangerous situations.
  5. They leave the running after cars and motorcycles to the dogs.
  6. The fireman is around to save them…
  7. If not, then Batman saves them. Well at least he saves Catwoman.
  8. No one can force them to do anything. Like enter heaven’s gate.
  9. Cats have a righting reflex. They know which is up from down and shift their bodies to land on all 4-feet. They stretch out to slower their fall; and have thick fur that softens the impact of a fall.

Which one do you believe in?

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