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NaturLife Cat Treat - Savory Fish & Chip Flavor 50g

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NaturLife Pet snacks contains the real ocean fish meat to provide all the essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 which dogs are unable to produce themselves
  • NaturLife the premium pet snack contains the natural Fish meat ingredients. Our Treats reward your pets, while improving or supporting nutritional health and well-being of your pets especially those that being fed with the low meat protein food. Delicious and nutritious NaturLife® pet snack can be fed to pets at any stage of life, from young to adult.
  • NaturLife realizes that health is the no.1 priority when come to the diet, therefore created the snacks that safe and healthy to pets by formulating the 0 gram trans fat, no gluten, no wheat, no soy formula.
We understand that most of the cats are somehow have a little problem with digestive system therefore we developed NaturLife® cat snack : Savory Fish & Chip flavour ( Digestive Care Formula ) by using the Fish meat as the main ingredient due to the fact that fish meat is the easily digested high quality protein along with the added prebiotic and cellulose fiber to enhance the digestive