When the cat-parent is away, the cats want to play…

When most of us are away for the day working, how do we keep our feline friends entertained and active?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Cardboard box – Cats love a tight squeeze. Put a door and place the box upside-down; hide it in a place your cat could find, just leave it as is – you can do a lot of things with a box.
  2. Leave a few treats for your cat to find – up on a ledge, under a chair, near his/her box. Make it a fun treat hunting ground for your cat.
  3. You could also leave a few safe toys that you know you can leave unsupervised for your cat. Catnip mouse or ball-type toys are best. (leave out the string in the meantime.)

Remember, a happy, content cat is a safe cat. For a treat, why not drop by www.superpetscentre.com and check out our cat toys? We’re sure you – or your cat – will find your favourites.


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